The Head Dragon Series


I started writing The Head Dragon Series in May 2012, but probably sometime in March. I was 56 years old at the time. I never intended to write a book, or a series of books. I intended to write a story, something short like one would submit in a college writing coarse.


While growing up, I spent most of every day in silence, or listening to the whirl of machines running, or the sounds of animals going about their day, or the sounds found in the environment. There was one old radio in the barn and another in the house. There were no portable music device like today. As I worked on the farm, I entertained myself by telling myself stories, and that is what I planned to capture on paper. So one day, I got up early in the morning. I took my coffee and sat outside. There in the quite and darkness, the process of spinning a tale began. When my head was full, I started to write. Sometimes I couldn't write fast enough to keep up with what was pouring out of my head. I never followed lines on paper. I just wrote as fast as I could. The next day, I went through the same process, or sometimes on the same day, but typically in a different location, like the shower, or driving to work, or while mowing the lawn. Once my head was full, I wrote. That process continued until I had five books.


I wrote the entire The Head Dragon Series by hand, with pen and paper. Each Book took six months to write. The process of writing the Books to first draft was fun, and very entertaining, and I greatly enjoyed myself. To this day, I am surprised that my simple writing project turned out to be five fiction novels. I really don't know why that happened, or why so much information poured out so quickly. I admit; when the last book was written, I felt like my head was empty. It was a relief in a way, and I have not felt the need to pick up a pencil since.


The Head Dragon Series consists of five novels: The Machinist completed at 85,510 words; Three Honest Men completed at 93,542 words; Me Boy completed at 97,228 words; The Evil Within completed at 88,837 words; and The Fall Of Kingdoms completed at 80,173 words. The Series tells Houri Ranshoff’s life story. She is a young Persian girl given up by her father to settle a debt he could not repay, sexually abused, tortured and sold into prostitution, Houri is bought by an international assassin who changes her life path, a path that takes her through a career as a Mossad agent filled with world-class depravity, intrigue and destruction after which Houri accepts a professorship in England where she publishes her thoughts on the only subject she ever cared about. The outcome of her inventiveness and willingness to help others changes the world in which she lives.