Frederick and Johanna Reinhold and Descendants

This website started as a group project for my sister and her fellow graduate students. Their rudimentary site, however, blossomed into the expansive web presence that is accessible today as my sister and I endeavored to make our family history available to one and all, but especially to our family. 

This site is a project that involves photographs and information about the Reinhold Family, Van Laarhoven Family, Rothammer Family, Decker Family, Hare Family and Fuller Family. There are other related families included in this website.

We have assembled photo information for members of the Reinhold family, both immediate and extended. Ours is a very large family, spread out all over the country, and we anticipate that they shall welcome some new and some old information about their ancestors. The photos will be a welcome addition to their photo albums as well as to any genealogical efforts.

 In addition to the actual descendants of Frederick Reinhold, we expect this site to appeal to many other people interested in genealogy, history, sociology and even fashion.  The photos in this project, along with the text provided, will allow others seeking information about family ties and family lines to encounter such information on the World Wide Web.  For years, genealogical research was conducted in church records, cemeteries, boxes of old photographs, and vital records stowed in the basements of city halls. Now, it has found an explosive new medium in the World Wide Web. One can, from the comfort of oneís home, search for information on long lost relatives, trace the changing spelling of a name, even examine the records from Ellis Island, perhaps finding the first record of an ancestorís immigrant experience in America.

Historians may have less emotional involvement to the material, but will find it helpful in tracing family and social life or cultural and work environments. Photographs capture a moment in time at a specific place or event. In addition to the subjects being photographed, the location, setting, clothing, accessories and props, such as automobiles and buildings, can provide information that historians and sociologists can use to understand and identify a particular era, location or sentiment of the time.

Whatever the reason one may visit our particular website, we hope that he or she will enjoy what we have presented here.

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