Title Carl Oliver and Josephine Mary Reinhold's Wedding
Place Medford, Wisconsin
Date June 5, 1946
Description Carl Oliver Reinhold and Josephine Mary Van Laarhoven were married on June 5, 1946, at Holy Rosary Catholic Church by Father Gregory Joseph Reuter in the City of Medford, Taylor County, Wisconsin.  Carl was 28 years old and Josephine was age 21 at the time.  Neither had been married before.  Their marriage certificate lists Carl's occupation as farming and Josephine's as domestic.  Josephine's residence at the time of marriage was Little Black, Wisconsin and Carl's was Medford, Wisconsin.  Carl Oliver and Josephine were both living with their respective parents at the time they were married. 

After their marriage, Carl Oliver and Josephine Reinhold lived with Carl Oliver's parents, Carl Oscar and Nora Reinhold, on their farm about three miles northwest of the City of Medford. About mid-April 1947, Carl Oscar's retirement from farming coincided with Carl Oliver and Josephine's desire to own a farm of their own.  Carl Oscar and Nora offered their son and daughter-in-law their home farm.  Though no formal papers were drawn up regarding the sale or property title transfer, Carl Oscar had written down the terms of the sale, including the purchase price, payment terms and equipment included in the sale.

In this photo, the Best Man is Lawrence Strobach, Carl Oliver's neighbor.  The Maid of Honor is Laverne Van Laarhoven, Josephine's sister.  Orvilla Boehlen is the bridesmaid; John Boehlen is the groomsman; Shirley Rothamer is the flower girl; Paul Bach Jr. is the ring bearer.