Title Young Carl Oliver, Hazel and Carrie Lucille Reinhold
Place Medford, Wisconsin
Date 1920's

The young children of Carl Oscar and Nora Reinhold are Carl Oliver, Carrie Lucille and Hazel Amelia Reinhold.  Carl Oscar and Nora had four children, three of which lived to adulthood.  Carl Oliver was born in Fairbank, Iowa on August 13, 1917;  Carrie Lucille was born in Oran Township, Iowa on September 14, 1914; Hazel was born in Fairbank, Iowa on January 26, 1919.  Carl Oscar bought a farm in the Township of Medford, Taylor County, Wisconsin and moved there with his family March 20, 1920

Note that the barn has a silo along side it.  This was added by Carl Oscar after he purchased the property.