Title Carl Oscar Reinhold
Place Winthrop, Iowa
Date 1900
Description Carl Oscar Reinhold was born March 22, 1885 in Wyanet, Bureau County, Illinios and moved with his parents to Iowa on March 1, 1900.  They lived on their farm in Westburg Township, Buchanan County, Iowa. Carl Oscar went by the name Oscar his entire adult life.  Carl Oscar was the 3rd child of Charles and Carrie Reinhold.

Carl Oscar Reinhold married Nora Melissa Decker on May 29, 1913 in Independence, Iowa. He was age 28 and she was age 21 at the time.  Their place of residence was Winthrop, Iowa.  His occupation was farmer.  Carl and Nora had 4 children, but 3 lived to adulthood.  Their first child, Carl Walter was born, 3-4 months after they had married, on September 6, 1913 and he died of inanition on August 26, 1913.

Carl Oscar bought a farm in the Township of Medford, Taylor County, Wisconsin and moved there with his family March 20, 1920.

Carl Oscar Reinhold died at 9:40 p.m. on January 19, 1959 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Marshfield, Wood County, Wisconsin at the age of 73.  His cause of death was generalized peritonitis due to a ruptured appendix, which was due to an appendicitis.  Another significant condition contributing to his death, but not related to the appendicitis, was coronary occlusive disease.  He was in the hospital one day, but six days had passed from the onset of the generalized peritonitis to the day Carl Oscar died.