Title Carrie Anderson-Reinhold
Place Winthrop, Iowa
Date c.1910
Description Carrie Anderson was born Karna Jonsdotter in Krestianstad County, Sweden on July 15, 1849.  Carrie's last name in Sweden was Jonsdotter because her father was Jons Anderson.  However, in America, Carrie went by the name Carrie Anderson.  No one knows why she chose Carrie as her first name, but her father's last name was Anderson.  It is theorized that Karna sounded too Swedish and Carrie is a common American name.

Carrie Anderson married Charles Oscar Reinhold on September 10, 1879 in Concord, Illinois.  She was 29 at the time.  All four of their children were born in Bureau County, Illinois.

Carrie was a member of the Lutheran Church.  She never learned to read nor write English.  She was a housewife. The Winthrop News reported upon her death that she was a kind wife and mother, being of an unusually sunny disposition, going about her work with a song upon her lips and ever having a kind word for others.  Carrie died of senility on November 21, 1927, at the age of 78, in Winthrop, Iowa.