Frederick and Johanna Reinhold and Descendants

Reinhold Documents

Church Records (pdf)

Church Records for Frederick and Johanna Reinhold - This document is from the First Lutheran Church, Princeton, Illinois and is written in Swedish.  The record is a letter of admission for Frederik Reinhold Enquist and his wife, Johanna Christina Aronsdotter-Reinhold to become members of the church.  Date unknown.

Church Register - This is the church registry for the former Wyanet Lutheran Church, Wyanet, Illinois. The register includes the entire Frederick Reinhold family.  They are listed by their Swedish names as Fredrik R. Enquist (Reinhold added), wife - Johanna Christina Aronsdotter, son - Carl Oscar,  son - Johan Fredrick, daughter - Christina Sofia, daughter - Johanna Charlotta, daughter - Anna Marie.  Additionally, date and place of birth are provided. Date Unknown.

Church Register 2 - Church Register from Wyanet, Illinois Lutheran Church.  Reinhold family member information regarding date of birth, confirmation, when moved to America and when they were removed from the Church Register. Date Unknown.

Church Register 3 - Church Register from Princeton, Illinois.  Giving the names of members of the Fredrik Reinhold Enquist family, when confirmed, born, baptized, where baptized, when received as a member of the church, when they moved from the church and where where did they move to. Date Unknown.

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