Hare Family

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Henry Hare

Thought to be Henry Hare, Eliza Hare's husband and George A. Hare's Father.  Also thought to be George A. Hare.

Eliza Hare

Thought to be Eliza Hare, Henry Hare's wife.  Also thought to be Lucinda S. Campbell-Hare, George A. Hare's wife.

George & Lucinda Hare's Children

George & Lucinda Hare's Children.  L to R: James Hare, Charles Hare, Delbert Hare, Art Hare, Julia Hare-Fuller & Fannie Hare-Miller.  The picture is thought to have been taken February 1936, on or around the time of Eliza Jane Hare-Decker's death/funeral.  Eliza Jane Hare-Decker is missing from this photo.

Geor & Albert Hare & Mary Jane (Mate) Hare-Burchfield

George Hare, Mary Jane Hare-Burchfield & Albert Hare.  Mary Jane was also know as Mate.

Fannie (Hare) & Fred Mischler

Fannie (Hare) & Fred Mishler, Roy Mishler's parents.  Fred & Fannie (Hare) had five children: Bertie LeRoy, Charles Howard, John, Cora and James.

Bertie LeRoy Mishler

Bertie LeRoy Mishler - Nora Decker-Reinhold's cousin and Fannie (Hare) & Fred Mishler's son.

Charles Howard Mishler - Nora Decker-Reinhold's cousin and Fannie (Hare) & Fred Mishler's son.

Fannie Hare-Mishler & Julia Hare-Fuller

Fannie Hare-Mishler & Julia Hare-Fuller.  They are Eliza Jane Hare-Decker's sisters.  Fannie was also known as Ett & Julia was known as Liz


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Marker for Arther, Minnie & Ralph Hare

Marker for Arthur Hare 1884-1965, Minnie Hare 1892-1966 and Ralph Hare 1931-1963

Marker for Dell Hare, Elsie Dean & Mary Burchfield

Marker for Dell Hare 1882-1958, Elsie Dean 1876-1958 and Mary Burchfield 1854-1943

Marker for Fred & Fannie Mishler

Marker for Fred Mishler 1860-1951 and Fannie Mishler 1869-1949

Marker for Henry Hare & Eliza Hare

Marker for Henry Hare - Born October 9, 1817 Died April 20, 1896 and Eliza Hare - Born September 22, 1820 Died November 10, 1892.  Wilson Cemetery, Buchanan County, Iowa

Marker for George & William H. Hare

Marker for George Hare - Born April 2, 1840 Died November 2, 1922 and William H. Hare - Born September 30, 1862 Died March 25 1896.  George was Henry Hare's son and William was George Hare's son. Wilson Cemetery, Buchanan County, Iowa

Marker Lucinda S. Hare

Marker for Lucinda S. Hare - Born November 30, 1844 Died February 20, 1896.  Lucinda was George Hare's wife. Wilson Cemetery, Buchanan County, Iowa

Obituary for William Hare

Obituary for William Hare - Interned at the Wilson Cemetery.  Born September 30, 1862 Died March 25 1896