Title Hazel Amelia Reinhold
Place Medford, Wisconsin
Date early 1930's

Hazel Amelia Reinhold was born in Fairbank, Iowa on January 26, 1919 and was the 4th and youngest child of Carl Oscar and Nora Melissa Reinhold. She moved to Medford, Wisconsin with her family on March 20, 1920.  Her father, Carl Oscar had purchased a farm there.

Hazel married Harold Moore on September 11, 1940 in Waverly, Iowa. 

Hazel Reinhold-Moore died March 29, 2002 at Memorial Health Center in Medford, Wisconsin.  Her immediate cause of death was a massive CVA, cerebral vascular accident, due to atrial fibrillation caused by hypertension.

In this photo, Hazel is standing in the yard of her family farm.  The main barn is in the background and the woodshed is to the viewer's right.  There is snow on the ground.