Title John F. and Lena Reinhold's Home
Place Greeley, Colorado
Date Photo taken July 5, 2001.

John F. Reinhold, aka Anders Johan Enqvist, was the son of Frederick and Johanna Reinhold.

In 1890, when John was about 30 years old, he moved to and took up farming in Greeley, Colorado.

John Reinhold married Lena Johnson in Wyanet on March 16, 1898.   John would have been 38 years old on his next birthday and Lena would have been 40 or  42 based on the information shown on their marriage license. Lena was born in either 1856 or 1858.  Their marriage license notes that Peter Anderson and C. A. Johnson were witnesses. John lived in Colorado about ten years as a bachelor prior to marrying Lena.

After their marriage, John and Lena Reinhold returned to Greeley. By 1908, John purchased his first ten acres in Greeley and built a barn on the property.  Then, in 1909, John built a house on the property.  John Reinhold lived on his farm on east sixteenth street in Greeley, Weld County, Colorado for 50 years.  He was a pig farmer, and truck gardener who sold watermelon, strawberries, butter and eggs.  He also had a large cherry orchard. As of August 2001, John’s house was still standing and in good shape.

John F. and Lena Reinhold's house was on the same street as Frederick and Johanna Reinhold’s house and Oscar and Charlotte Broman’s house, except John and Lena Reinhold’s house was in the country while the other house are in the city.

John and Lena Reinhold’s house is two story house with a hip roof.  The hip roof style is very similar to the style of hip roof one will see on barns in Wisconsin. The house has porches on the front and back of the house which span approximately the entire with of the house. The house also has a bay window on one side of the house.  Behind the house are various small out buildings. A large lawn surrounds the house with the driveway located on the very edge of the lot.  An irrigation ditch runs between the drive way and the public road.