Title Nora Melissa Decker
Place Independence, Iowa
Date 1906
Description Nora Melissa Decker was born in Independence, Iowa on April 13, 1892. She was educated in the Iowa Public Schools.  Her parents were William Henry Decker and Eliza Jane Hare-Decker.

Nora Decker married Carl Oscar Reinhold On May 29, 1913 in Independence, Iowa. She was age 21 at the time.  Carl and Nora had 4 children. Their first child died shortly after birth.

In April 1962, Nora, being a wonderful housekeeper, scrubbed and polished Mr. Fisher's floor for Easter.  Nora always had high blood pressure and on this fateful day, she possibly overworked herself.  On April 20, 1962, she had a massive stroke as she pulled the shade in her bedroom.  She fell to the floor between the bed and the wall. 

On April 20, 1962, at 10:50 p.m., Nora Melissa Reinhold died of cerchal apoplexy at Memorial Hospital, Medford, Taylor County Wisconsin.  Nora was a 70 year old widow and homemaker at the time of her death.