Frederick and Johanna Reinhold and Descendants

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Probate Documents (pdf)

Probate Documents for Charles E. Enquist - Charles Edward Enquist was born Carl Edward Enqvist on October 14,1826 in Stockholm, Sweden, probably the Finish parish in Stockholm. Charles is believed to be the first Reinhold-Enquist family member to come to America. No one knows when Charles immigrated from Sweden, but he retained his original Swedish name.  Enqvist and Enquist are the spellings as shown in the Swedish church records.  Later Charles spelled his last name as Enquist.

Charles Edward Enquist was Frederick Reinhold's brother. Charles was two years older than Frederick.  Charles also had a sister, Lottie, who died around 1896 at the age of 78 or 79. She never married and had no children.  However, there is no evidence that Charles' sister, Lottie, came to America. Kenneth Larson, researcher for the Reinhold family, never found Lottie.  According to Kenneth Larsson, there is a chance that Lottie was born after Frederick and Charles and had a different father or mother.  However, it probably is more likely that Lottie was born before Charles and his brother, Frederick; and to a different mother than Charles and Frederick.

Probate Documents for Frederick Reinhold - Husband of Johanna Reinhold.  Frederick Reinhold died in Greeley, Weld County, Colorado on January 29,1912.

Probate Documents for Johanna Reinhold - Wife of Frederick Reinhold.  Johanna Reinhold died in Greeley, Weld County, Colorado on February 17, 1912.

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