Title Reinhold Farm - Sawing Wood
Place Medford, Wisconsin
Date c.
Description Carl Oscar Reinhold cutting wood with the neighborhood wood sawing crew.  They are using the 10-20 McCormick tractor.  The 10-20 had a flywheel, pulley assembly which was used to power the saw by connecting to its pulley assembly with a large circular belt. The 10-20 tractor was the Reinhold's first tractor. 

About 1931-32, Carl Oscar Reinhold  purchased a used 10‑20 McCormick tractor with iron lug wheels. This tractor was made in 1925.  The 10‑20 McCormick tractor was mainly used for plowing and belt work. Generally, the 10-20 McCormick tractor was used to power the threshing machine,  silo-filler and saw-mill. 

Wood continued to be the primary fuel for cooking and heating.  Carl Oscar is standing by the saw with his back to the camera.