Title Early Reinhold Farm with Silo
Place Medford, Wisconsin
Date c.

After their marriage, Carl Oliver and Josephine Reinhold lived with Carl Oliver’s parents, Carl Oscar and Nora Reinhold, on their farm about three miles northwest of the City of Medford until about mid-April 1947 when Carl Oscar and Nora retired from farming, and Carl Oliver and Josephine wanted their own home.  Carl Oliver and Josephine looked at many farms.

As Carl Oliver and Josephine Reinhold were about to make their decision, Carl Oscar and Nora Reinhold offered them their home farm, consisting of 80 acres of land, and an additional 80 acres of land across from the Ben Lange home farm which Carl Oscar and Nora also owned.  Carl Oscar and Nora Reinhold’s farm was a dairy farm located about three miles northwest of the City of Medford, Taylor County, Wisconsin.   Carl Oliver and Josephine accepted Carl Oliver’s parents’ offer because Carl Oliver knew what was put into the land.   Carl Oliver had lived and worked on that property from the age of 2 when his parents bought the property.  The transaction took place about the middle of April 1947, though no formal papers were drawn up regarding the sale, and title to the property did not pass to Carl Oliver and Josephine Reinhold in April 1947.  Still, Carl Oscar had written down the terms of the sale, including the purchase price, payment terms, and equipment included in the sale. 

Josephine Reinhold explained that Carl Oliver Reinhold worked for his father earning very little money, so when Carl and Josephine bought the farm, Carl Oliver’s father gave him eight milk cows, five heifers, some old horse drawn machinery, the puddle- jumper that Carl Oliver made over from an old Buick car, and a steel wheeled 10‑20 McCormick tractor.  She said Carl Oliver had his team of horses and harness. Josephine said, what they had was not much, but they could start earning some money with the eight cows.