Title Reinhold Family Farm - South to North View
Place Medford, Wisconsin
Date September 20, 1972
Description In this photograph of the Reinhold family farm, one can see that a granary had been built to the west of the machine shed.  Previously, oats had been stored exclusively in the horse barn.  Also, in 1972, the southeast porch had been enclosed to create an office for Josephine Reinhold's insurance sales business.

This photo is noteworthy as it was the taken the year before the woodshed and outhouse were demolished to make room for the addition of a two car garage and enlarged north porch. 

In the center of the of the yard, the 12 foot high stump of a large cotton wood tree remains.  The tree fell during a storm in June 1969 and nearly landed on the southeast corner of the house.  At the top of the photo, one can see one of the many  rock piles used to deposit stones collected from the fields before planting each spring. 

In 1973, the family farm increased in size as Carl Oliver and Josephine acquired the 80 acre farm bordering the south side of the Reinhold property.