Title Reinhold Family Farm - Making Silage
Place Medford, Wisconsin
Date c.
Description Carl Oscar Reinhold's crew making silage on family farm. Southwest view of barn and cow yard. Horse power continued as an important resource in keeping the farm functioning.

The corn binder and silo-filler were used for filling the silo.  Both pieces of equipment were owned by a group of about six  neighbors. They worked together, and each farmer had to provide his own power source to run the silo-filler.

The corn binder cut the corn and bound the stocks with twine. (Nora Reinhold also helped cut corn by hand one year when it was too wet to cut the corn with the corn binder.)  Later, Carl Oscar had to load the corn bundles on a wagon by hand.  A team of horses pulled the wagon load of corn from the field to the silo-filler where the bundles were off loaded by hand and placed on the silo-filler’s apron which fed the bundles into the silo-filler.

About 1931-32, Carl Oscar Reinhold  purchased a used 10‑20 McCormick tractor with iron lug wheels.  This tractor was made in 1925.  The 10‑20 McCormick tractor was mainly used for plowing and belt work. Generally, the 10-20 McCormick tractor was used to power the threshing machine,  silo-filler and saw-mill.  These pieces of equipment were powered by a belt running from their pulley assembly to the 10‑20 McCormick tractor’s pulley assembly.