Title Reinhold Family Farm with Remodeled Barn
Place Medford, Wisconsin
Date June 5, 1967
Description This photo of the Reinhold Family farm shows the many changes and improvements that Carl Oliver and Josephine made to the property during their years of ownership.  A larger, concrete silo replaced the wood silo c.1957. In 1963, the barn had been remodeled to increase the size of the stable.  To do this, the thresh floor and and garage had been eliminated.  Both the hay and straw were stored in mows above the stable.  The concrete foundation of the barn was painted white, the wood above painted red and blue shingles covered the roof.  That same year, the machine shed was added to house valuable farm equipment from the weather. 

The garden was moved from the south side of the drive way to the north side.  Many trees had been planted on the property, including two windbreaks: one bordered the garden and the other was planted behind the barn. 

Also visible in this picture is the cow lane. It led from the cow yard, turned right and followed the border of the Reinhold property and the neighboring property.