Title Reinhold Family Farm - Plowing with Horses
Place Medford, Wisconsin
Date c.
Description Carl Oscar Reinhold is plowing his field with a team of 3 horses and a a walking plow.  Also present in this photograph are his daughter, Hazel, and his son, Carl Oliver.

Generally, Carl Oscar plowed 6" deep, in primarily clay soil. He could plow about 1½ acres per day with the walking plow.  It had a plow share and moldboard which rotated 180 degrees.  Rotating the share and moldboard 180 degrees allowed him to plow in one direction and then back without having to walk around the field. This plow was also a walking plow and was pulled by three horses.  Carl Oscar still drove the horses and operated the plow by having the reins over his shoulders while guiding the plow by its handles.