Title Reinhold Family Farm - Farming Equipment
Place Medford, Wisconsin
Date c.
Description A hay wagon (or hayrack) and a side hay rake pictured on the Carl Oscar Reinhold's farm. 

Hay was cut using two horses to pull a riding mover with six foot sickle. Carl Oscar cut about 5 acres of hay per day during haying season. The hay was left laying in the field to dry while he cut another 5 acres.  When dry, the first five acres of hay were raked into windrows with a side-rake drawn by two horses.  Many times a dump rake was used with one horse so no hay was wasted. Thereafter, he would load the first 5 acres while the second 5 acres lay drying

The hay was loaded using a hay-loader. This operation was accomplished by hooking a wagon to two or three horses, and then hooking the hay loader to the back of the wagon. As the horses walked along, straddling the windrow, the hay-loader picked up the hay.  Carl Oscar stood in the wagon and loaded the hay with a pitch fork as the hay came up the loader and into the wagon.  Either Nora Reinhold or her son, Carl Oliver, drove the horses. 

Also picture in this photo is the family dog, Trixie.