Title Reinhold Family House and Woodshed
Place Medford, Wisconsin
Date c. 1920
Description This photo shows the northwest view of Carl Oscar Reinhold's house and woodshed as purchased. Later, the outhouse would be moved from the horse barn location to west side of the woodshed.  Also, the enclosed north porch would be improved and windows added to the west wall.

Carl Oscar bought this farm in the Township of Medford, Taylor County, Wisconsin and moved there with his family March 20, 1920.

When Carl Oscar Reinhold purchased the farm, the buildings consisted of a large two story house with a full basement, large attic and three open porches; an eighty foot barn with no silo; a smaller sixty foot barn; a windmill, a wood-shed and an out-house. None of the building had water or electricity. The farm fed and housed about fourteen cows, several heifers, 2‑3 horses, some hogs and the Reinhold family of five.